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Democracy or Hypocrisy | Qutub Shah

Democracy or hypocrisy? 

Although a normal person like me doesn’t deserve to point to a person recognized by the world as ‘peace icon’ and called ‘Mother’ by a nation of 60 million sometimes and ‘aunt’ sometimes, I believe the situation of rapes of hundreds of virgins, killing of thousands of innocents, being refugee of about 100,000 person in their own homeland and burning of thousands of houses, mosques and properties into ashes justifies my writing here few words.
Here is a NLD membership card signed by the Lady. Let me translate it first for non-Burmese speakers. 

This card is issued by NLD to a Rohingya member where NLD recognized his race a ‘Rohingya’ and his religion as ‘Islam’. After she had signed this card, where will she will hide the face with which she said, “I don’t know’’ when asked in her Europe trip about the world most persecuted minority of her country? If it means anything, it means nothing except that this people is weakened during 70 years of systematic persecution to the extent, as she might think, that they can’t protest if said the Sun rises from the west.

She has been making the world fool for five month by her deceiving words bearing double meaning. Also her answer to the question regarding Rohingya was ‘Rule of Law’. Do you, Dear Aunt, mean the democratic law that is enjoyed by your son in USA, that made the ragged child of African dessert lead the most powerful nation of the world, or you mean the law that you suffered from as a home arrestee in Burma? Really if you meant true democratic law, those human lives, bloods and dignities would not be so cheap in Arakan, the tears would not be so fruitless. As an icon of democracy, If you had uttered few words abiding by UDHR, we wouldn’t see the tragedies in Arakan.

Let me know what would be the attitude of the Martyr of freedom Mr. Aung San if his daughter was being raped by evils like Rakhines who are practicing all crimes against Muslim women in Arakan.

“I am urging tolerance but I do not think one should use one’s moral leadership, if you want to call it that, to promote a particular cause without really looking at the sources of the problems,” Suu Kyi told the BBC. The genocidal atrocities have been ongoing for five month. Perhaps after eradicating Muslim existence fully you will look at the sources of the problem. When will you move to calm the situation down? Rohingya don’t demand your moral leadership. Just speak out in favor of either side you see the truth with. Let me know what are these in your sight: hundreds of Rohingya women are raped, sometimes into death (not only a claim, but we have full databases) ; Muslims are swept out of tens villages; thousands of youth are arrested for no reason and sentenced to 10 to 20 years of jail; thousands of innocents are killed; more than 100,000 are displaced?

How ill-luck this Rohingya is who have to become Refugee in his own homeland! 
There is also no stronger proof of government support for Rakhines in the current riots than its failure to stop the so-called sectarian riots for five months, while it cracked down in few days the nationwide anti-government uprisings like 2007 Saffron Revolution and 1988 student uprising, while it has been defending its country against all minority arm rebel like KNU, ALP, etc. for about seven decades.

Is it democracy or hypocrisy? 
You should be deceived neither by the thinking that your Burmanization plan will sooner or later come to exist nor the thinking that the Rakhines will leave you without making next target after they get rid of Rohingyas in the cause of fulfilling their dream of founding alleged Rakhine kingdom.

In conclusion, I want to call you ‘The Daughter’ while people call you ‘the Lady’. Because the first massacre committed by these Rakhines against the Rohingyas occurred in the time of General Aung San in 1942 that left a bitter scar in the hearts of Rohingyas. Before having been healed, the current bloodshed is the next bloody aggression that occurs in your time. 

Qutub Shah is a student of ‘Master of Comparative Religion’ in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).
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