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Dead body found on the road-side at Maungdaw

Arakan State:

A slaughtered Rohingya dead body was found on the roadside of Powet
Chaung village of Maungdaw north, Arakan State, on October 1, in the
morning, said a neighbor on condition of anonymity.

dead body was identified as—Noor Hashim (38), son of Hakim Ali,
hailed from Powet Chaung village of Maungdaw Township.”

the morning, on that day, the slaughtered body was found by the
villagers on the roadside, nearby Rakhine village.”

On that day night, at around 1:00 AM, he was called by
someone from his house, went out of his home and he did not return to
his home on that night. Curfew is imposed from 10 pm to 4am. He is
the head of ten houses in the village administration council,
according to his wife.
Being informed, a group of Nasaka nearby camp came to
the spot and observed the situation. Afterwards, the dead body was
sent to Maungdaw general hospital for postmortem, said a trader from
the locality.
On October 2, at about 3:00pm, the dead body was
returned to the relatives, later, it was buried in his village
Regarding the event, the present administration officer
of village was called by local police for interrogation. It is a
chance for police to extort money from villagers by implicating the
villagers to murder case, said a village elder who denied to be
The Rakhine village is only half mile away from the
Rohingya village. Most of the villagers believe that whether he was
killed by his enemy or Rakahine villagers, said a close relative of
the victim.
Regarding the event, when asked a Nasaka person, but he
did not make any comment.

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