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Breaking News Myanmar govt authority being forced Rohingya Mosques Imams to sign as “Bengali “in Maungdaw

According to conversation over telephone with reliable sources from Maungdaw Town, it is learnt that on 24th November, 2012 an inquiry committee comprising members of police, Nasaka, immigration and Rakhine leaders invited Muslim(Rohingya) Mosques Imams by luring that the have to discuss on the subject of reopening Mosques.

The Mosques Imams from some villages of Maungdaw north enthusiastically met with the inquiry committee. But the team cheated with Imams and forced them to sign as Bengali. But the Imams refused to sign as Bengali and they claimed that our fore fathers were Rohingya and we are also Rohingya. At that time the Nasaka and the police beaten some imams. Finally other Imams left the sense after realizing the actual aim of invitation. But Still the team are being tried to convince imams. In fact, a team also arrived in Sittwe and probably the team will visit the refugee camps soon and force the displaced Rohingyas to sign as “Bengali”. The Myanmar first started the Nationality inquiry in Mrauk U. But later failed to reach the goal there. Now, the Muslim Rohingyas from Sittwe and Maungdaw are worrying and feeling high tension in this regards. The Myanmar govt has taken steps to convince Rohingyas to sign as “Bengali” for which being used tougher mechanism. The world community and the Muslim world should come forward to halt the contentious and tougher mechanism of Myanmar government that being used against the entity and identity of Muslim Rohingyas.

Nurul Islam,
A Human Rights Activist &
Media coordinator, ARU