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Authority orders to surrender the weapons in Arakan state

Arakan State:
The Burmese authorities have ordered people from
Arakan – conflict areas- of western Burma to surrender guns, swords
and other weapons to the police within three days or face legal
action, according to the state-run Myanma Ahlin newspaper today.

order to resolve the conflict peacefully, the authorities ordered
people to hand over guns, bayonets, swords, daggers, spikes and all
kinds of weapons to the nearest police station as quickly as possible
between October 31 and November 3. Otherwise, the Arakan State Police
Force will take legal action

against transgressors under section 4
(d) of the Arms Act (1878), which prohibits holding -guns, bayonets,
swords, daggers, spears, bows and arrows, arms and things related to

groups of people in Arakan state had used swords and firearms during
recent deadly confrontations between the Buddhist Rakhine and Muslim
Rohingya communities.”

President Thein Sein office said today that 180 homemade firearms had
been seized, and the makers of the weapons and their parts detained.
The office also stated that

government said it had evidence that certain individuals and
organizations – political parties, ceasefire groups- had instigated
the violence as gather people with pre plan to attack villages,
threaten with sending letters to leave the village, to set on fire
and killing with detail planning.

the government only mention the people who had the firearms are used
a group of people now and when it arrested some people with knifes,
swords, daggers and spikes are used as terrorists. Why government
used a group of people with firearms and terrorists with knifes? Is
the firearms group is Rakhines community and knife groups id
Rohingyas?, said a politician who didn’t want to mention his name.

has formed several investigation committees regarding the ongoing
conflict in Arakan State since violence first flared in June, but no
official report has been published so far. The government
announcement also accused political parties, ceasefire groups and
local and foreign organizations of encouraging local people – to
commit mob threats, terrorist attacks and violence and arson

to VOA website, an interview with Kaman community- U Maung Maung Tin
and Kyaw Zan Tha where U Maung Maung Tin stated that the political
leaders are behind the riot and they are mastermind who fueling the

U.N. refugee agency has called on authorities to restore law and
order so as to prevent further bloodshed and displacement. An
estimated 6,000 people are stranded on boats or on islets along
Burma’s western coast, it said on October 30.

human rights special rapporteur Tomas Ojea Quintana, independent
expert on minority issues Rita Izsak and special rapporteur on human
rights of internally displaced persons Chaloka Beyani voiced “their
deep concern over continuing inter-communal violence in Arakan state”
and have called on the government to end violence and protect
vulnerable communities there.

Izsak, U.N. independent expert on minority issues, said the Rohingya
constituted a minority which must be protected according to
international minority rights standards.

government must take steps to review relevant laws and procedures to
provide equal access by the Rohingya community to citizenship and
promote dialogue and reconciliation between communities.”

U.N. human rights experts on October 30, called on the government “to
urgently address the underlying causes of the tension and conflict
between the Buddhists and Muslim communities in the region,”
according to a U.N. statement.

Source KPN