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    The European Rohingya Council Condemns President U Thein Sein’s announcement

    The announcement of President Thein Sein’s government not to allow OIC offices in Myanmar did not surprise us at all because it was well predicted. We really were stunned to acknowledge that Burmese government had signed a MOU with OIC to allow them open offices in Yangon and Akyab. But we know that they will never tolerate any international body to observe how Rohingya Muslims and Burmese Muslims or other ethnic minorities are persecuted both by the regime and Rakhines especially in Arakan as racists Rakhine and monks are given licenses to kill, loot, rape and harass to the Rohingya Muslims. In our opinion the MOU was signed just to show the world that they were genuinely interested in bringing the peace and stability in Arakan State. 

    Four months after the violence which killed thousands of people and displaced more than 90,000 peoples in Arakan State, atrocities are still continuing in speed. Rohingya Muslims are being killed every day. Arbitrary arrests, torture, rapes and extortion of money by the security forces are still going on. As one activist described, Buthidaung jail has become killing place for Rohingyas. Scores of Rohingyas were brutally killed there. Too many youngsters and educated Rohingyas were still under detention. Furthermore they are still detaining Rohingyas under false allegation and without any reason.
    Flow of food and essential goods to the Muslim areas are strictly blocked by the monks and Rakhine vigilantes. Rohingyas are unable to go out of their homes. Most of the peoples are hand to mouth. If they can’t go out and earn money how can they survive is a question that international community is obliged to ask? Famine is widespread all over the Rohingya population. One of the right group said that the condition of Rohingyas living in the camp are worse than animals. But according to our information Rohingyas living outside camps are in dire situation also. Most of the people are starving and having no health care or any kind of support. The whole is not less than a giant concentration camp for Rohingya.
    Burma signed MOU with OIC to ease international pressure. At the same time they have back up plan to block it. They instigated and supported the monks to demonstrate against OIC and they created a sound reason to show the world that they have to block it because the majority of the people demanded so.
    It seems to us that the Thein Sein government wants to proceed with its heinous plan of making the Arakan a rohingya free state as he openly called for it. The European Rohingya Council strongly condemns his decision to block OIC from opening liaison offices in the country. We call upon international communities to exert more effective pressure on Thein Sein government and save a minority from extermination.
    Vice Chairman 
    The European Rohingya Council (ERC) 
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    Mohamed Ibrahim