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    Rohingyas were ordered to be slaves of Bengali Rakhines

    Date 19.10.2012 According to the source of ERC, Rohingya Muslims of Alethankyaw were summoned to attend a meeting arranged by Border Control (Na Sa Ka) area 8 commander Aung Naing Oo and police officers today. But no one appeared to the meeting. So they send security forces to the village and herded all Rohingya Muslims they found on the road and in the village to the meeting ground.
    The area commander told the people that they have to live together with Bengali Rakhine people, under their command and obey their orders like slaves because Bengali Rakhines are citizens of the country and Rohingya Muslims are aliens who are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Anyone who disobeys Bengali Rakhine will be severely punished. They said that whoever unwilling to live under this condition should leave the country forever. When a Rohingya Muslim raised the question why authorities are arresting innocent Muslims who are not committed any crimes, the authority answered that it was because Rakhines had complained about those peoples and there were 81 more peoples in their list to be arrested.
    Rohingya Muslims always intend to peacefully coexist with ethnic Rakhines as they have lived for many years but not in the condition the authorities described. Rohingya Muslims need equal citizenship as Rakhines. We Rohingyas are not aliens but citizens of the country. We Rohingyas are the natives of our mother land Arakan. So we seek urgent intervention from international community to solve this problem. 

    About 3,000 Rohingya Muslims living in the temporary shelters in the shen khali Village of Rathedaung Township are in dire situation. They are starving and need urgent food and medication supply. We request NGOs to help and save these peoples from starvation. 

    Muslims in Arakan State are decided not to perform Qurbani (Sacrifice) this year one of the most important days in Islam. Since Rohingya Muslims are not allowed to pray compulsory five time prayer in Mosque they say that they should better refrain. 

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