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    Rohingya Cleansing Continues in Arakan Under State Programme

    Rohingya people like this little boy are sick and suffering and the government is doing little to help in Burma. Photo from Arakan state first published by

    (YANGON, Myanmar) – While strongly condemning the renewed violence and carnage by the extremist Rakhine Buddhists against the Muslims or Rohingyas in Arakan, we jointly state as follows:

    Since 21 October organized gangs of the Rakhine extremists headed by monks have burned down over 1000 houses, killed hundreds of Muslims and injured many more in the townships of Myinbya, Mrauk-U, Pauktaw and Kyaukpyu. These genocidal actions have been carried out
    with the backing of the police, army and security forces with intent to destroy the whole Muslim population of Arakan.

    Systematic killings, rape of women and destruction have continued unabated while every single sign of Muslim or Islam is being erased from Arakan. On 23 October, at about 20:00 hours, while the Paikthay village was on blaze in Kyaukpyu Town, the fire fighters came to the spot with tank load of patrol in the guise of putting out the fire.

    The state patronized Rakhine terrorists issued ultimatum to the Rohingyas or Muslims in Sittwe, Mrauk-U, Minbya, Myebon and Pauktaw and many other places to vacate their villages, houses and properties by October 25 or face violent attacks and forced expulsion.

    The blocking of OIC to open its offices in Burma — despite MoU signed between Burmese government and OIC — is a clear indication of the Thein Sein government’s intention to carry on its ‘ethnic cleansing’ against the Muslim Rohingyas without outside knowledge.

    It is a great disappointment that the international community has staked so much on Burmese President Thein Sein’s reform process. When he proposed ethnic cleansing they stayed silent, and even when ethnic cleansing takes place they still stay silent, although the situation is crying for immediate attention and action. 
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