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    Red Alert

    After two days consecutive attack to Rohingyas in Min Bya and Mrauk U, the Magh terrorists take another extensive strategy as to make attacks more hardly to every Rohingya villages and quarters in entire Arakan. Many fully equipped Maghs are gathering in some Muslim residential areas in Maung Daw and start stoning toward the Muslim’s houses.

    In other side, Rohingya villages from Kyawk Pru, Min Bya, Mrauk U, Kyawk Taw, Sittwe and so on are burning wholly days and nights including tonight.

    Some of the Rohingyas were run to the nearest villages on fear of mass killing tonight. According to telephone message from Min Bya, 100 Rohingya from Mrauk U and Min Bya have been killed within two days and thousand household has been burnt into ashes. We are really under the biggest and the worst nightmare.

    Security force are seen on the road but remain knows nothing. Indeed when the Magh start killing and burning, they swiftly take aside with their fellow Buddhists by shooting to Muslims, announce curfew by which only Muslims are blocked to go outside otherwise become to subject dead by shooting.

    Our request to all fellow Rohingya is that to keep yourself alert to assist in fighting if it is started. We have nowhere to run and to hide but except to face the genocide. Tonight perhaps you may hear or read the message from us is lasted. But our willing is to keep this fight continue as long as there is a safety heaven for Muslim in Arakan.

    Please pray for us.
    Rohingya Youths,
    Inside Arakan
    Source RB