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More Rohingya prisoners sentenced to jail

Arakan State:  A special court of Buthidaung, sentenced
more Rohingyas to 10- year imprisonment who were served as prisoners
in Buthidaung Jail, on October 12, according to a relative of the

sentenced prisoners were arrested during the so called sectarian
violence between Rakhine and Rohingya communities from different
areas of Maungdaw Township.”

army, police, Hluntin (riot police), Nasaka accompanied by Rakhines
arrested many Rohingya Muslims during the riots in different villages
and sent to Buthidaung jail. After the riots on June 8, at Maungdaw
Township, the concerned authorities arrested many Rohingya villagers
excluding non-Rohingyas. Security forces give favor to the Rakhine

arrest, they were severely tortured and detained in police station,
Nasaka camps and Nasaka Headquarters of Kyigan Pyin (Kawar Bill) of
Maungdaw Township for more interrogations also they were rigorously
tortured. In this period, many Rohingyas were dead by torture or shot
to death and the rest were sent to Buthidaung jail.”

occasionally, some prisoners were sentenced to 10 to 20 years
imprisonment without any proper investigations. They were arbitrary
arrested by giving false and fabricated allegation that they were
involved in riots, a village leader said on condition of anonymity.

October 12, fifteen prisoners were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment
by the special court of Butidaung town. They are identified as —Nurul
Islam (35), son of Nizam Uddin, Jafar Ahmed (37), son of Azim Ali,
Abdullah (60), son of Motiur Rahaman, Kalu (75), son Hassan, Salim
Ullah (50), son of Roshan Ali, Abdul Amin (43), son of Ullah Meah,
Azalu Hussain (43), son of Jafar Ahmed, Moulvi Mohamed Hussain (43),
son of Ali Ahmed, Abu Sayed (48), son of Oli Ahmed, Azam Ullah (30),
son of Ali Ahmed, Moulvi Hashim Ullah (35), Nazir Ahmed, Enayet Ullah
(30), son of Mortaza, Hamidullah (53), son of Sayed Ahmed, Mostak
Ahmed (55), son of Sura Ahmed and Nazir Ahmed (48), son of Sura
Ahmed. They all belong to Udaung village tract of Maungdaw south.
Over 39 villagers were arrested from U daung village since June 8. “

from Aley Than Kyaw village tract of Maungdaw south, over 400
villagers were arrested by security forces because of riots between
Rakhine and Rohingya communities, a schoolteacher said preferring not
to be named.

Habib (29), son of Abul Khasim – a collaborator of ex-Nasaka
director Lt. Col Aung Gy, hailed from Merullah village of Maungdaw
south was also sentenced to 20 years jail.
elder from Aley Than Kyaw said on condition of anonymity that many
Rohingya Muslims have been languishing in Buthidaung jail without any
trial since June 9, 2012.

also said that the health conditions of prisoners are very bad
because they don’t get proper treatment and adequate food from jail

to different sources, the remaining prisoners will be sentenced to 7
to 10 years of imprisonment later.

villager told the Kaladanpress, security forces— police, army and
Nasaka — accompanied by Rakhine villagers are arresting Rohingya
Muslims with different allegations and extorting money till now. The
concerned authority is also threatening to the Rohingya to be
arrested and will be sent to jail.

condition of the jail is very bad. Prisoners have been living in a
small room with congested situation and become frequently ill such
as—malaria, typhoid, dysentery and skin diseases. They have no
medicine and treatment. They are living with naked position. Many
prisoners had already died of various diseases.  It is needed to
see the condition of jail by International Red Crescent (IRC) and
local Red Crescent, according to an elder from Buthidaung Town.

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