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Killings of Rohingyas in Mrauk-U in Full Swing By M.S. Anwar

Tuesday, 23rd October 2012-10-23 Mrauk-U, Arakan- Starting at 6:30 AM this morning, Rakhine extremists in Mrauk-U township have been surrounding a Rohingya village called Zula Fara@ Yaing Chay in the town. So far, Rakhine terrorists have already burnt around 450 Rohingyas homes and killed around 100 Rohingyas. 

Thousands of Rakhine terrorists have been surrounding a Rohingya village called Zula Fara@ Yaing Chay in Mrauk-U starting at 6:30 AM. They have already burnt 450 houses of Rohingyas and killed around 100 Rohingyas. Military in cooperation with Rakhine terrorists killed all these Rohingyas. Meanwhile, it is said that few Rakhine terrorists have got killed in the clash. Now, Military backed off from the scene as there are already more than ten thousands Rakhines gathered to kill Rohingyas. And Military is allowing Rakhine extremists to kill more Rohingyas instead of trying to make the situation peaceful” said Maung Maung Oo from Sittwe. 

According to Rohingyas, President Thein Sein is behind the resurgence of all these mass killings of Rohingyas again. Knowing that there is no one to interfere in Arakan matters as OIC is ousted, USA is in their hand and Bangladesh is giving protection to Buddhist minority in the country, Thein Sein and his Rakhine extremist colleagues in the Arakan State government are killing and wiping out remaining Rohingyas in full swing. Moreover, “The Burmese program sections of VOA and BBC are fueling the fire that caught Rohingyas in Arakan by broadcasting biased news in favor of Rakhine terrorists or by intentionally omitting some actual news. Irrawady media, too, is misreporting the news.” said a Rohingya on the condition of anonymity. 

And Min-Bya township of Arakan, more than 1200 Rohingyas’ homes were burned and numbers were killed. 

Besides, there will be no Eidul Adha and sacrifice of animals in the forthcoming Muslim festival all over Myanmar this year according to the Muslims in the country. 

Compiled by M.S. Anwar
RB News Desk