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Erian: World Double-Standard Dealing Evident in Failure to Protect Myanmar Muslims

Egyptian Presidential Adviser Erian condemns feeble, inept international efforts to end the plight of Burma’s predominantly Muslim Rohingya people, who have suffered persistent prosecution for long months of continuous bloody massacres.

 Dr. Essam El-Erian, Adviser to Egypt’s President Morsi, stressed that “it is a shame on the international community that it has so far failed to stop massacres against Muslims in Myanmar”.

The Presidential Adviser further said, via Twitter: “The continuing inability of the international community to stop the massacres taking place in Myanmar against Rohingya Muslims is clear evidence of double-standard dealing”.

Thousands of Muslims in Myanmar have been subject to a systematic and deliberate process of ethnic cleansing, which is a blatant crime against humanity. Meanwhile, Myanmar authorities have gone back on a decision to allow the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to open an office in the capital Rangoon and another in the capital of the Yangon region, where Muslims of Myanmar stay to receive and distribute humanitarian aid and relief assistance.
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