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    British Ambassador arrives in Maungdaw

    Maungdaw, Arakan State: British
    Ambassador to Burma Andrew Heyn accompanied by two others arrived in
    Maungdaw in the evening of October 3, according to a trader from
    Maungdaw Town.

    “The Ambassador was accompanied by
    two others, of them, one is Muslim, and another one is Burman from
    Rangoon. They stayed in Nasaka headquarters of Kawar Bill of Maungdaw

    Today, at about 9:30 am, the delegation
    went to Baggona, Horsara and Nurula Para and Ale Than Kyaw villages
    of Maungdaw Township where especially they met with rape victims,
    village elders and leaders. Most of the women and girls were raped by
    army, Hluntin, Nasaka and Natala villagers when the husbands were
    absent at homes for fear of arrest by the security forces. The
    victims openly told their matter to the delegation, said a village
    elder who denied to be named.

    The delegation also asked to the
    village leaders and elders about the recent violence, the present
    situation of Roingya community and why the violence was occurred.

    Regarding the questions villagers said,
    “During the violence, the Rakhine mobs were torching our houses and
    when we tried to extinguish the fire the security forces fired to us,
    so we are unable to switch off our houses. Meanwhile, many villagers
    were killed and wounded.

    Another villager said, “The concerned
    authorities have been persecuted us by various means to expel us from
    the country. But, we still exist in Arakan. As a result, the
    concerned authorities created these riots between two communities.”

    “The present situation is very bad.
    Daily the security forces such as—police, Hluntin, Nasaka, Sarapa,
    army— enter our villages, and arrest villagers, torture, extort
    money, looting our properties, take away our cattle, and rape our
    women and girls. Now, we are under house arrest, We are not allowed
    to go to market to buy essentials. If police, army and local Rakhine
    extremists met us- they beat up and looted our money and goods. Even
    army robbed a bus of Rohingya passengers recently. How, can we trust
    them? We have no ration, no medicine, no money, no works, how will we
    survive. There are NGOs and other donors to support us, said a local
    leader on condition of anonymity.

    A local youth from the village said,
    “Ten minutes before, the arrival of the delegation to our village,
    a group of patrol army severely tortured to a poor villager without
    any reason who was selling vegetables in Sarcombo village market.. He
    is belong to Konna Para ( village). This event was also appraised to
    the delegation.

    Yesterday, the delegation arrived at
    Akyab (Sittwe) at about 3:00 pm. The Ambassador met RNDP Chairman Dr
    U Aye Maung along with other members of RNDP, Phethu Hluttaw member
    U Maung Nyu of Sittwe, NLD members, USDP members and other social
    welfare organization members.

    They also met with Rohingya leaders in
    Sittwe (Akyab) and went to Refugee camps to see the situation of
    Rohingya refugees, said a Rohingya villager from Sittwe.

    The aim of the delegation is to discuss
    with the local people, especially Rakhine and Rohingy, regarding the
    violence and how they will live together in future. The two groups;-
    Rohingyas want to stay together as before and the Rakhine want to
    stay spreatly as they don’t want again conflict( riot).

    The Ambassador said that the British
    government donated 3 million US Dollar to Burma this year, for
    education, regional and social developments.

    Tonight, they will stay at Nasaka
    Headquarters of Maungdaw Township.