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Bangladesh Coastguards rescue 289 Burmese fishermen at nearby Saint-Martin

Coastguards rescued 289 Burmese fishermen with 36 fishing boats from
nearby Saint-Martin Island on October 10 while they were floating in
the Bay of Bengal, said a local fisherman from Teknaf.

were stuck under heavy rain and stormy winds in the Bay of Bengal and
also the engines of boats were damaged at the moment.”

being tipped off, Bangladesh Coastguard went to the spot and rescued
them. The all fishermen are belonging to Aley Than Kyaw and Myint
Hlut villages of Maungdaw Townships, official said.

also said that they arrived in Bangladesh side after affecting by the
heavy rain and gusty winds.

they are being kept in the custody of Bangladesh Coastguards for
their safety. They will be returned their country when the weather is
calm, sources said.

Bangladesh Met Office has issued a severe weather warning signal
number 3 around the Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar. All the fishing
boats will be staying nearby safeguards till the weather will become
calm, official said.