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    Army arrests villagers in Maungdaw south

    Arakan State:
      Army arrested villagers in Maungdaw Township
    recently without finding any fault. It is arbitrary arrest against
    the Rohingya people, said a close relative of the victims preferring
    not to be named.

    arrestees are identified as Noor Ahmed (45), son of Zabor Muluk,
    Mohamed Hussain (36), son of Du Du Meah , Kalu (55), son of Meah
    Hussain, and Shuna Meah    ( 33),  son of Abdu Zalil.
    They all belong to Theray Kondan village of Maungdaw south.”

    armies are also looting valuable things from villagers, taking away
    their cattle, gold ornaments and money.  They, especially target
    the villages of Maungdaw south.

    Rohingya villagers were arrested by the collaboration of Natala
    villagers. After arrest, they were severely tortured and then brought
    to Maungdaw town and handed over to police. Now they are under the
    police custody. They also took away one motor bike from one of the

    Maungdaw south, some military were deployed after the recently
    happened so called sectarian violence in Maungdaw Township, though
    the Nasak (Burma’s border security force and police personnel are

    villagers believe that the army will give them protection from
    arbitrary harassments by police, Nasaka and Local Rakhine villagers.
    At first, the army had given some protections to the Rohingya
    villagers from police, local Rakhines, but later the army (rescuer)
    becomes persecutors of Rohingya villagers. According to President
    Thein Sein, government had already sent security force (especially
    army) to control the violence. But in practical, it is not true; it
    is a cheating to the world community, according to a youth from
    Maungdaw south.

    present, every day, the armies with the collaboration of local
    Rakhine villagers go to the Rohinga villagers of Maungdaw south and
    commit rape against the Rohingya girls and women. When the army went
    to the village at night, the male villagers (men) ran away from the
    villages to avoid arrest. Taking this advantage, the army and the
    Rakhine villagers committed rape against the Rohingya women and
    girls. It is a normal occurrence in the Rohingya villages, said a
    local elder on condition of anonymity.

    in Maungdaw Town, at night, police enter the Rohingya houses in the
    guise of searching the defendants (culprits) and commit rape to the
    women while the men are absent because of fear of arrest by police,
    said an elderly woman from Maungdaw Town. .

    the villagers are fleeing from their homes after seeing police or
    army, because, the security forces’ arbitrary arrests and tortures
    against the villagers without finding any crimes. It becomes a
    lawless country.  There is no justice. Let them free hand to do
    any crimes against the Rohingya villagers, said an ex-schoolteacher
    from Maungdaw Township.

    addition, on October 9, at night, police went to Ward No.1 of
    Maungdaw Town, and entered four houses, not finding any man; they
    seized 4- family list and asked the women to choose it the following
    day, said a local elder who denied to be named.

    is very important to stop raping the Rohingya girls and women by army
    and police. We, the villagers urge upon the international community
    to see the matter deeply, otherwise, it will become explosion in
    future, according to villagers.

    the villagers of Maungdaw and Rathedaung Townships do not receive any
    help, they will have no means (to survive) and as such, might resort
    to extreme measure, sources said.