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Another Muslim Village, Kinipran, Burns Under Buddhist Flame

(DHAKA, Bangladesh) – We have learned from reliable sources over the telephone that today the Rakhines from Pauk Taw township, torched a big Muslim Rohingya village of about 1200 homes with the collaboration of Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) forces at 12.00 noon today. The name of the village is “Kinipran”, in Pauk Taw.

The village is still burning and any report of casualties remains unknown at the time of this report. People on the scene are trying to collect casualties report.

Only 17 floating boats landed at Sittwe yesterday

Contrary to reports of large numbers of boat people being allowed to land at Sittwe, we have learned that only 17 floating boats of more than 50 that are loaded with Rohingyas landed at Sittwe and the rest are still floating on the Bay of Bengal.

Nobody could guess what their next destination would be, but the displaced Rohingyas in the floating boats are facing a food and medicine crisis. Most of them are starving. Pressure on the Myanmar govt. to rescue and allow the boats landing at Sittwe is extremely crucial.

According to Myanmar state news, 100 guns were traced from Kyaukpro and Minbya where communal strife erupted last Sunday. The guns reportedly belong to Buddhist Rakhines.

There are wide ranging accusations that the Rakhine`s RNDP (Rakhine Nationalities Development Party) and ALP (Arakan Liberation Party), with the collaboration of Rakhine State attorney general U Hla Maung Tin hired Rakhine terrorists with guns from near by country to attack Muslim Rohingyas in Arakan.

In fact, the Rakhines have a hidden policy to help achieve their real goal, an independent Arakan without Muslim Rohingyas.

So, they are desperate to evict Muslims from Arakan because they thought Rohingyas will be a barrier on way to “Independent Arakan” . But President U Thein Sein does not have wisdom to realize the hidden policy of Buddists in Arakan.

Deploying of UN army in Arakan is the only way left to normalize Arakan`s Situation

Sectarian strife is occurring in Arakan and other places here, one by one, and spreading throughout all of Arakan.

The Thein Sein govt said that it has taken measures to halt the situation in Arakan. But in practice, the current govt is indirectly encouraging Rakhines. In the future, a dangerous peril awaits in Arakan.

U Thein Sein head of the Myanmar government can control the tense situation in Rakhine state sincerely and impartially. But he clearly exposed his intention toward Rohingyas to Chief of UNHCR few months ago. This was to keep them in UN camps or to send them to 3rd country. Now only way left to make calm and stabilize the Arakan situation is deploying UN forces in Arakan.

Nurul Islam is a Human Rights Activist in Bangladesh

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