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    Up to date news of Rohingya Arakan 9 September 2012

    Mohammad Hashim (25) hailed from Thaye Kundan (Kunna Para), Maungdaw south, son of Yusuf is extorted 4,50000 Kyat with fabricated allegation of having mobile set by Nasaka Major U Wamn Bou in Post camp of Taung Chaung. Military and local Rakhine terrorists catch and bring out 22 cows (Oxen and bulls) in Pa-San-Darr (Saindah Para), Maungdaw South. They charge 10,000 to 5,000 kyat per cow of the respective owner. List of Owners of cows are given below with number of cows:

    SI Name Father’s Name Quantity of Cows

    01 Abdushukkur Yusuf 1
    02 Mohammed Kashim Baduraun 3
    03 Abdur Rahim Abdu Jabbar 3
    04 Rahim Ullah Sultan 3
    05 Azim Ullah Hossan Ahmed 2
    06 Abdullah Nabi Hossain 1
    07 Omar Faruk Abu Siddique 2
    08 Azar Miah Lal Mohammad 1
    09 Noor Alam Hashim 2
    10 Zubair Abdul Karim 2
    11 Azim Ullah Sairul Hauqe 2

    Security forces, Nasaka (Burma’s border security force), Police, Hluntin (paramilitary), Sarapa (Military Intelligence) and Army arrest 8-10 and kill 2-3 Rohingya daily in Arakan dai. The Rohingya Muslim is the most persecuted ethnic minority in the world. Mostly Rohingyas are taking shelter in Bangladesh because of persecution, harassment and denial of citizenships of Rohingyas by the Burmese government. Now, the Bangladesh authorities are arresting the Rohingyas from the local areas of Cox’s Bazar and detaining in the police station. There are also Rakhine ( Mogh) entered to Bangladesh, living as citizen of Bangladesh and then go back to Myanmar where they have also citizenship, Some Rakhine (Mogh) also obtain urban refugee in Bangladesh. The Rakhine (Mogh) are getting refugee status after entering Bangladesh. Why Bangladesh are not checking those Rakhines in Cox’s Bazar, Harban , Hill tract even in capital Dhaka and need to check they are really the minority or not? Many Rohingyas with boats were missing in the Bay of Bengal while Rohingyas were pushed back to Burma. Rohingyas are Muslim; they come to Bangladesh from Burma as they were persecuted as raping, killings, mass arrest, torturing, extortion money, harassment, looting, and their set on fire into ashes by the police, Hluntin, Nasaka, army jointly with Rakhine terrorists. Rohingya community becomes like a ball, kicked by Burma and then kicked by Bangladesh across the Naff River.

    The US envoy to Burma, Mr. Derek J. Mitchell with Mr. Joseph Y. Yun is Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, the U.S. Department of State and others visited Maungdaw today morning and left Maungdaw at about 11:30 am. The envoy met an old man in the village street who wanted to tell them his willing, but he was unable to explain about the life of Rohingya community, said an elder from village. The US envoy also met the Rohingya refugee of Aung Mangala and discussed detail situation of their life in the camp.

    reported by Soe Myint