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Rohingya students’ list collects in Maungdaw south

Arakan State:
The village administration officer of Aley Than Kyaw is
collecting Rohingya students’ lists within Aley Than Kyaw village
tract today, said a reliable source from Maungdaw south.

Maung Tha Naing – a Rakhine community-, the village administration
officer of Aley Than Kyaw village tract called some Rohingya
villagers including elders today at about 2:00 pm and held a meeting
in the village.”

the meeting, the village admin told the villagers to give students’
lists, who had completed matriculation (Standard Ten), but, he didn’t
express in detail and reason.”

the meeting, an elder asked the village admin, “why and for what
propose needs students’ lists, but viallage admin didn’t reply
his question,” according to sources.

a result, the students are frightened for fear of arrest by the
village admin or Burmese security forces, sources added.

today, a group of police from Maungdaw town went to the Sommona
village – near the three mile Nasaka checked post – and called
the village administration officer – Hafez Ahmed. The police
officer asked to give the list of Rohingyas from his village who had
burned down Rakhine village. But, the village admin refused to give
list as there is no evident that his villagers had burned the Rakhine
village, according to an elder from the village.

police officer forcibly took signatures from village admin in some
blank white papers.”

Aung Kyaw Than, a police officer from Maungdaw police station, is
using the so called arrest warrant list to Nyoung Chaung (Hadir bill)
to extort money. The officer asked kyat 5 million for not arresting
the villagers with so called arrest warrant list today, said a
villager from Nyoung Chaung village.

to different sources, if the security forces including Rakhine people
harass the Rohingyas by daily basis in various means including
arbitrary arrests and torturing . Where is the security of Rohingya
community?, asked a Rohingya elder.

Source KPN