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    Over 200 Rohingyas arrested along the Burma-Bangladesh border

    Bazar: Bangladesh:
    authorities of Bangladesh had been arresting more than 200 Rohingyas
    in special drives alongthe Bangladesh-Burma border since started the
    month of September 2012said
    a reliable source from Cox’s Bazar.
    Guard Bangladesh (BGB), Coastguards and police arrested more than 200
    Rohingya Muslims in different drives along the border.”

    September 14, sixteen Rohingyas were arrested from Shapuri Dip under
    the Teknaf police station by BGB. Later, they were pushed back to

    BGB also arrested eight Rohingyas from the border point of Taungbro
    and Gumdum yesterday while they were entering the Bangladesh, said
    an aide of BGB.
    to sources,
    drive will be remaining continue by the government of Bangladesh as
    they have information that huge number of Burmese citizens are living
    in different areas of the district.”

    also said,
    are Muslim, they come to Bangladesh from Burma as they were
    persecuted such as— rape, killings, arbitrary arrest, torturing,
    harassment, looting, burned down their houses—- and etc. by the
    police, Hluntin ( riot police), Nasaka (Burma’s border security
    force, army  along with Moghs (Rakhines).

    US has urged the government of Bangladesh to provide humanitarian
    assistance to the Rohingyas like basic essential services — food,
    sanitation and healthcare — who have already taken shelter in
    Bangladesh from the neighboring Arakan State, Burma, US Ambassador in
    Dhaka Dan W Mozena told a press conference at American Centre here on
    Thursday afternoon.
    Mozena also asked the Bangladesh government to keep the country’s
    border open to Rohingyas so that they can take shelter here and
    voluntarily and safely return home.
    Source KPN