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    No Rohingyas IDPs camps in northern Arakan

    Maungdaw, Arakan State: The
    concerned authority of Maungdaw are not allowing any camps for
    Internal Displace peoples (IDPs) of Rohingyas who lost their homes
    and property in recent riot which occurred in June, according to an
    elder from Maungdaw.

    families from Maung Nah ( Sa OH Brang) village of Buthidaung township
    was uprooted  by security forces  and looted all their
    property. The security forces drove out the Rohingya families from
    the area to Maungdaw. But, the Burma border security force (Nasaka)
    again drove out them to the Buthidaung. Now, the Rohingyas families
    are staying at Nan Yah Gone (Mein Gee Si) village without any home as
    the security forces are not allowing them to enter to their village.
    The Rohingyas become IDPs in their own land. No authority is going to
    build for them temporary accommodations.”

    Similarly, Rohingyas from
    Rathedaung township move to Maungdaw south, staying in the jungle or
    village under the trees  since last month. No accommodations are
    made for them by authority of Maungdaw. These Rohingyas are not able
    to stay in their villages of Rathedaung for their security. Rakhine
    community from Rathedaung are always trying to attack the Rohingyas
    community.The security personnel- police, Nasaka, Hluntin and army
    are not giving protection  to them. So, the Rohingyas left their
    home town  to Maungdaw where they have  no accommodations
    to live or temporary tents for them, said a village admin officer
    from Maungdaw south.

    The governmental team led
    by Union Minister for Ministry of Border Affairs accompanied by
    representatives of UN Agencies and INGOs had made the field trips to
    Arakan State for three times, having access for the humanitarian
    assistance to the affected persons from both communities – Rohingya
    and Rakhine. 

    The delegations main
    purpose of visiting is for restoration of peace and stability and to
    provide the emergency relief for the affected persons of both
    communities as first trip on 13- 17 June and the group again visited
    Arakan on 27- 29 June for sustaining of relief campaign and promoting
    to resettlement stage, establishing and imitating the resettlement
    plan for the affected persons with Coordination on  Humanitarian
    Assistance  from the International communities and progressing
    the resettlement campaign, normalization initiatives between the
    community on 16-18 July as last visiting the area, according to
    Access to the Humanitarian Assistance report of U Thein Sein

    But, U Thein Sein
    government didn’t provide any assistance to Rohingyas from northern
    Arakan and only provided to Rakhine who are not most effected than
    Rohingyas in northern Arakan. The authority is showing the new
    settler ( Natala ) villagers who were settled on Rohingya lands by
    government. How many family effected in the recent riot? There are
    only 222 shelters and 400 tents from UNHCR while 128 shelters from
    CARE. Where is shelther for Rohingyas who are IDPS from Maungdaw,
    Buthidaung and Rathedaung, The reliefs goods also for only Rakhine
    community  from northern Arakan , not for Rohingyas, Why, is the
    Rohingyas are not  including in UN categories  to get
    relifs? Now , again, the authority is creating new IDPs – hill
    people, Maungdaw north Rakhine and outside of northern Arakan – along
    the roadside of Maungdaw Aley Than Kyaw highway with UNHCR provide
    tents, according to a school teacher from Maungdaw.

    “Two load trucks of
    Rakhine from Maungdaw north arrived at Young Chang village where they
    started looting and stealing animals from Rohingya community of Young
    Chaung. The security force are not charging any action against them.”

    “The UN and INGos are
    only providing  relief goods to Akyab of Rohingyas and what
    about other side of Rohingyas who are living in Mrauk-U, Minbya,
    Kyauktaw, Paucktaw and Kyauknimaw. No, INGOs or UN didn’t visit
    this place to look after for these Rohingyas.”

    In Maungdaw, Rohingyas
    who lost their home in the recent riot, are living beside of the
    Rohingyas’ home and they are not getting any help from any
    quarters.  Most of Rohingyas in Maungdaw are going starvation
    for shortage of foods, Most Rohingya who are working as a day labors
    effected more, said an elder from Maungdaw.

    Source by KPN