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    New Three Rohingyas killed at Maungdaw Again!

    September 6th 2012

    Maungdaw, Arakan State:
    According reliable eyewitness ground

    information, a Rohingya man
    with a child and a woman were killed in

    Maungdaw down town by police
    and Hluntin on September 4. They were

    arrested from Maungdaw market
    and called to South East of Maungdaw big

    pond behind City-hall where
    Hluntin security outpost and disappeared.

    And on September 6th it was
    seen that police and Hluntin took out

    three dead bodies from that
    place and brought to Maungdaw Four Mile

    Hluntin Regiment, informed an
    eyewitness from Maungdaw.

    victims are not able to know where are they, who are they and from

    the field information, also, on September 6th at about 4:00pm 2

    Rakhine (Buddhist) named
    Maung Ba Tun and Saw Maungdaw from Bagonna Na

    Ta La village entered to the
    East block of Bagonna Rohingya village

    with 5 policemen seized all
    the Government documentary papers such as

    ID card, Families, land
    records etc.. Forcefully took money.