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    Conflict Rohingya, Myanmar Red Cross Welcomes Support PMI

    Myanmar Red Cross Welcomes Support PMI
    Jakarta Red Cross Myanmar (Myanmar Red Cross Society / MRCS) welcomed the support of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) to resolve communal conflicts that occurred in the province of Rakhine, the western part of Myanmar. PMI initiative was able to garner more attention from the international community. progressive initiatives for PMI is thought to raise international attention to realize the harmony of life in the Rakhine State.”Myanmar government highly appreciated the initiative of PMI to help solve humanitarian problems stemming from ethnic conflict in our country, “said President of MRCS, Professor Tha Hla Shwe, 

    after the signing of the cooperation between MRCS with PMI at Chatrium Hotel Yangon, Saturday (08/09/2012) morning. event was attended by Ambassador to Myanmar Sebastian Soemarsono, Ambassador Great Ufuk Gokcen OIC at the UN, and former Justice Minister Hamid Awaludin. Also participated in the present Secretary General of the Red Cross, Atmadi Budi Adiputro, and Secretary General of the MRCS, Khin Maung Hla. Professor Tha conveyed his appreciation to the PMI Chairman Jusuf Kalla such a nimble and proactive encourage settlement of ethnic conflict in Myanmar recently. 

    “Thanks to his idea, the international look objectively sit any problems and our government strongly supports the settlement of the conflict,” said Tha Hla Shwe. while Kalla confirmed keterpanggilannya to resolve the conflict in Myanmar falls over due to human factors. It also became part of Indonesia’s role to encourage the re-establishment of harmony of life for people in conflict. “if life in peace and harmony, then everything else improved field including economic, social, and infrastructure,” he said. Kalla judge, ethnic conflict is much more fatal and severe than natural disasters. Natural disasters can be localized impacts, while the ethnic conflict could spread across the country and could lead to a religious conflict if not immediately resolved. “We also appreciate the attitude of the Government of Myanmar, 

    MRCS, and all those who support the resolution of this conflict. Neither Jusuf Kalla and Tha Hla Shwe agreed to prioritize the handling of victims, including aspects of food, clothing, and health. Also it will soon rehabilitate the damage caused by the conflict in Rakhine, “he said. Regarding the number of houses and land will be occupied rebuild housing facilities for victims, will be discussed further. To be sure, said Tha Hla Shwe and Jusuf Kalla, handling conflict has invited the attention and support of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Countries (OIC), International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), and the Turkish Red Crescent. Planned PMI and Acting OIC delegation Sunday (9/9) tomorrow will visit Sitwe, the capital of Rakhine province to see the return preparation process of rehabilitation and reconstruction after the ethnic conflicts that occurred last June. (lh / mok)

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