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    Celebrated International Literacy Day: (ILD) September 9, 2012

    illiteracy remains a dream for the Rohingya Refugee in Bangladesh

    Cox’s Bazar:
    Village Education Resource Centre (VERC) celebrated the International
    Literacy Day today, which is observed through the events on the theme
    “Literacy and Peace” which is never come to true even in
    dream for Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh due to make believing plans
    and fund constrain of NGOs and restriction of Bangladesh government.

    UNHCR and donor countries’ pledge of eradicating illiteracy from the
    Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh will not be kept in continuum due
    to a lack of poor planning and prevention of Bangladesh Governess.
    Most of the people are getting very amazing and expressed their
    concern saying that the percentage of education did not find out from
    Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh till 22 years, due to fund
    constraint and limp planning and negligence.

    passed 22 years as refugee in Bangladesh but still we didn’t pass
    class five and we have no any high school inside the camp for
    Rohingya refugee due to restriction of Bangladesh government. And
    also we are in very regret that the hundreds of high school students
    were pushed out from outside school and even some are from
    examination hall this year, who were admitted to various high school
    outside the camp under Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh said some
    refugee who are denied to be named for their safety.

    The NGOs
    have held the education project as one of the sectors receiving the
    highest budgetary allocations to remove illiteracy and to bring
    significant results for the Rohingya refugee but they failed. Even,
    they could not launch Basic Literacy Project till now for what our
    children have to ruined their future life. The Rohingya refugee
    believes that the UNHCR and NGOs would be able to establish high
    school inside the camp and to eradicate illiteracy through the
    consultation and cooperation with government.

    “Apart from
    providing basic education, we have also offered some skill-based
    training so that the Rohingya refugees’ participants can do something
    for their livelihood,” but it is also has been restricted by the
    Bangladesh government, Not only that we also deprived of getting
    adequate basic fundamental rights and needing like medication, food
    and non-food items, security and more in Bangladesh like Burma they