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    Canadian High Commissioner visited to Bangladesh Refugee Camp

    Ukhiya Cox’s Bazar: The Canadian High Commissioner visited to Kutupalong registered Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh on 05-09-2012. And Rohingya refugee welcomed them and said that they are very grateful to Canadian Govt for its 1st resettlement to Rohingya refugee from Bangladesh. The Rohingya refugee showed some banners, wherein they urged to UN, EU, UNHCR, OIC, US, UK,HRW, IC, ASIAN and other related Agencies to save Rohingya from Genocide, Assassination, Rape, Arson, Raid and Ethnic cleansing to Rohingya in Arakan Burma. The Rohingya Refugee claim that they are under inhuman violence in both country Burma and Bangladesh. 

    They don’t want to be state sponsored violence targeting any longer. They urged for their durable solution because they are stateless, defendless, friendless and the most persecuted and human violated people over this planet and they have nowhere to exile today . 

    They also urged for a land where they can build up their life with dignity and rights like other human being in the world. The respected Refugee Relief and Repatraition Commissioner (RRRC) Mr Sala Uddin, The country representative of UNHCR Mr Caraig Sander, Camp in charge (CIC) Jalal Uddin and other honoured persons were present during the visit to various activities inside the camp.