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    BREAKING NEWS: Inquiry Commission and Threats against Rohingyas 11th September 2012 Maung Daw, Arakan

    The inquiry commission set up by the president Thein Sein visited Maung Daw and left today (Tuesday), 11th September 2012. Initially, the head of the district administration in Maung Daw arranged to hold an inquiry session at his office in Myoma Kayindan. He had demanded a Rohingya leader in Maung Daw to arrange some Rohingya members who don’t say anything against their oppressions (of Rohingyas) to the inquiry commission. His plan was not successful because no Rohingya dared attend the session since they can’t say there what they want. And because they (Rohingyas) knew that they speak the truth, they will be persecuted later. 

    Therefore, some of Rohingyas contacted few members of the commission and invited them to come to their villages to see their actual situation. But they replied to Rohingya members “we don’t have any authority to go to wherever we wish and we can only visit the places that the government wishes.” Is it really an inquiry commission? If yes, why don’t they have authority to investigate freely and to visit the places wherever they want? I leave the case to you all. 

    Some Rohingya members in the village of Nyaung Chaung in Maung Daw tried to meet the commission members at 4pm yesterday. But they could not meet the commission members because of threats from Dr. Aye Maung, a member of the commission. He is the chair man of Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP) who has instigated the violence against Rohingyas and one of the main culprits of atrocities against them. He threatened Rohingyas “do you want to stay here safely and without any harms? Do you want to eat here without any disturbance? If yes, then don’t do what you are doing now.” His words were nothing different from everyday language and threats of Rakhine hooligans against Rohingya community. In such situation, how can one expect impartial investigation and justify their inspection? 

    At last, due to inability to meet any Rohingyas and investigate their members, the commission arranged a session in the Markaz in Myoma Kayin (the Islamic Religious Centre in Maung Daw). Outside the centre, there were many police patrolling in the name of security who actually were preventing Rohingyas from going to meet commission members. Police, especially the head of Police in Maung Daw Zone, threatened Rohingyas “you fucking people! Why are you going there? You people will soon be driven out.” 

    Many educated Rohingyas and their figure heads were arrested and charged with false cases prior to the arrival of inquiry commission. They threatened the remaining educated Rohingyas that they (Police in Maung Daw) have already thought of and made the cases under which they will be imprisoned. Police further threatened “Just arresting you guys remains.” Anyhow, few Rohingyas managed to meet the commission. It is not known what they discussed. Therefore, on the one hand, the inquiry commission is portrayed as if they are doing their job and on the other hand, Police is leaving no stone unturned to prevent Rohingyas from meeting them. All in all, they are doing all efforts to cover up their crimes against Humanity. 

    Compiled by M.S. Anwar 
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