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Charity Dinner was held last Friday in London Muslim Center. The Charity dinner was organized by Muslim Aid. Many NGOs and British Muslim communities attended to the dinner including Arsenal & France Football Star Abou Diaby. There are about 600 people attended to the charity dinner 

BROUK President Tun Khin and Arsenal & France Football Star Abou Diaby gave speech during the dinner. 
Arsenal Football star said he was concerned injustice going on Rohingya people of Burma. He thanks to organisations and attendees joining to the dinner urged to keep continue to support Rohingya’s cause. 
BROUK President Tun Khin Said : 
Recent violence was well- planned by State Government led by RNDP and Thein Sein’s Central government .During the violence Police Officer, Security Forces and Rakhine carried out attacks on the Muslim Rohingyas in the streets and villages of and Rathedaung where almost all the Rohingya villages and houses were burned down or destroyed. 
A curfew has been imposed in the troubled areas. The Rakhine equipped with lethal weapons and set free to attack Rohingya Muslims. Police and security forces opened fire on Muslims’ homes at random, even in the dead of night. 
Those Rohingyas killed or shot dead were taken away by the security forces. The dead bodies have not been returned to their families. The dead bodies were reportedly burned into ashes or thrown into the sea. There were reports of dead bodies floating in the water. 
When state-sponsored violence started UN agencies, UNHCR and NGOs engaged in humanitarian and relief operations had left Arakan as the government warned them could not ensure their security. In the absence of evidence, the Rakhine extremists or security forces, police carried out their genocidal actions without the knowledge of the outside world. 
People are dying every day because they do not have any food. Many people have been arrested, beaten and killed when they went out to buy food. They have become starving refugees in their homes. Thousands of people are facing starvation in the countryside remote areas. 
BROUK President Tun Khin appealed organizations that were attended, “We, Rohingyas need urgent safety, security and Humanitarian aid in Arakan State. President Thein Sein government and State Government (RNDP) systematically preplanned to take place the recent violence to eliminate Rohingya people of Arakan. We urgently need Humanitarian intervention in Arakan State. We called on all Muslim countries to ensure that the establishment of such an investigation is included in the text of the forthcoming United Nations General Assembly resolution on Burma, and in the text of the next United Nations Human Rights Council resolution on Burma” 

BROUK President finally urged to put pressure on Thein Sein government to provide safety and Security along with to restore ethnic Rohingya and citizenship rights”

Source RB News Desk.