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    An Open Letter to the World Leaders Regarding Burma

    Myanmar government has been deceiving the World Leaders since 1988, why don’t you try to take any action, what do we need to present to you in order to take action and solve the problems?

    (SITTWE, Akyab, Myanmar) – The following letter from Aung Aung in Burma drives home the need for international intervention over human rights violations in this fledgling democracy that until very recently was a locked down nation run by a military junta that has ruled for decades with a steel fist while deflecting calls to ensure that international laws are both observed and followed.
    Aung Aung is a fantastic representative for the highly oppressed and threatened Rohingya Muslims who are peace-loving people with as much right to live secure lives as anyone. Sadly, they have been targeted in recent months by the Rakhine Buddhist community which has the backing of the new government of Myanmar, which is Burma’s new name.
    It strikes me a paradoxical pattern for this world; each time a nation escapes from the bar of oppression and overbearing national law, such as the case of the fall of Communism in eastern Europe. They lose their place and are overwhelmed by the lack of governmental regulation. Armed mobs of Buddhist thugs in their orange robes are becoming an increasing problem in this world and thousands and thousands have met their death at the hands of these so-called Buddhists while the rest of the Buddhist community throughout the world remains strangely, disturbingly silent.
    And the loudest silence in the world comes from the revered Aung San Soo Ki who is brokering deals with Hillary Clinton as she and her team of corporate sharks encircle this nation with its virgin-like history of non-exploitation.
    She isn’t sticking up for the Muslims, and I am not the only one who is highly disappointed. Please take the letter below very seriously, Aung Aung is located in the heart of the troubled zone and has words that we all should heed.
    – Tim King
    An Open Letter to the World Leaders
    Your Excellency, We would like to appreciate the US and UN’s involvement to investigate the human rights violations in the Arakan State of Myanmar. We welcome the team to observe Rakhine and Myanmar Government’s crimes against humanity.
    Since June 8, 2012, thousands of innocent unarmed Rohingya people have already been killed by security forces, Rakhine militants, and Rakhine armed mobs. Thousands of Rohingya peoples’ houses had been burnt down, and their properties had been looted. We sent thousands of Rohingya victim photos and videos to the world media. Innumerable articles were written regarding the Rohingya issue by hundreds of scholars. Hundreds of organizations have been trying to resolve this problem but it is still unsolved.
    Rohingya people are the most senior indigenous ethnic group of Myanmar but they are the most persecuted and alleged as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.
    We, Rohingya people have been living in Rakhine State very peacefully even as we are deprived of fundamental human rights. Now the Myanmar Government and Rakhine State authority have been trying to annihilate all Rohingya people from Myanmar soil.
    Large majorities support a world order based on international law and a stronger United Nations. Almost every human being around the world supports an international order based on international law and treaties.
    Sittwe HalalLarge majorities around the world endorse a stronger role for the United Nations. They support giving the UN a variety of expanded powers, including having a standing peacekeeping force; the authority to investigate human rights violations; and the power to regulate the international arms trade.
    Large majorities around the world favor the United Nations having the right to authorize the use of military force for a wide range of contingencies. The approval of the UN Security Council plays a powerful–and in many cases a necessary–role in conferring legitimacy on the use of military force. Perhaps most dramatic, equally large majorities approve of the United Nations using military force to forcibly deliver urgent humanitarian aid if the relevant government tries to block the aid, and to protect people from severe human rights abuses even against the will of the government.
    Hence, we brings the concerns of the Rohingya people and Rohingyas’ citizenship issue as following: 1. We appeal to the UN delegation and world leaders to visit inner Rakhine State including all townships and meet the family members of abducted Political activists , raped women and girls, victim people, and see their miserable lives.
    2. We appeal to the World leaders to have a look how Myanmar government and Rakhine State authority have been cleansing Rohingya ethnic.
    3. Myanmar’s judiciary is under the influence of army and it failed to give justice to Rohingya people. We have no faith on any institutions of Myanmar and Rakhine.
    4. We appeal the World leaders to inquire from Myanmar judiciary that why have they failed to deliver justice to Rohingya general public.
    5. We appeal the World leaders to treat Rohingya detainees currently held by Rakhine State security forces as prisoners in accordance with UN charter and International Laws.
    6. We appeal the World leaders to restore Rohingyas’ citizenship rights as they are indigenous ethnic of Myanmar.
    7. We have enough evidences that Myanmar Government had committed a crime against humanity.
    8. We have available historical documents and proofs including current Myanmar government’s official documents which indicates that we , Rohingya people, are indigenous ethnic of Myanmar.
    9. Rohingya issue became an international issue since 1970 but still unsolved, don’t the World leaders have enough power to solve this problem?
    10. Myanmar government and Rakhine people are trying to implement Neo Nazi Racism in Myanmar which is unacceptable in this 21st century.
    11. In Myanmar, there is no religious freedom; especially Christians and Muslims are under severe persecution, where is the international law to restore our rights?
    12. We do hope that the World leaders could solve our problems as soon as possible.
    13. There are some aids groups and diplomatic delegations who reach Arakan State but Rohingya people are still in danger. Foreigners are not allowed to go freely and investigate freely; 9th September 2012, US Ambassador came here in Sittwe and Lawyer U Kyaw Hla Aung had a little chance to express his feeling, the next day, Prime Minister of Rakhine State warned him strongly not to talk with any foreigners again, today, when OIC delegation came U Kyaw Hla Aung was not allowed to meet with them.
    14. Myanmar government has been deceiving the World Leaders since 1988, why don’t you try to take any action, what do we need to present to you in order to take action and solve the problems?
    15. Myanmar Government claimed that there is no Rohingya in Myanmar, we have thousands of official documents sealed by officers which proves the existence of Rohingya.Open Letter
    Aung Aung Oo
    Chain Pain Road
    Kun Dan Quarter
    Sittwe( Akyab)