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✿Bangladesh Refugee Camps»

old woman sitting
old woman sitting 2
Refugee Camp sign-post
woman sitting
woman sitting with child sad
woman sleeping leaning
woman sitting outside
woman combing
woman cleaning dirt
woman washing clothes
woman bathing baby
woman combing 2
woman with children outside
woman brooming 2
woman with baby
children checking sinkhole
woman waiting at centre
woman with child smiling
man with stick standing
father and child eating
man smoking
man smoking 2
children in front of blackboard
man walking with bag
boy with trishaw
girl crossing
boy with finshing net
man chopping firewoods
kitchen and dog
shed inside view
shed lane
boy carrying firewoods
woman watching with scarf
girl cooking outsite
boy looking at a roof
woman carrying firewoods 2
boy carrying firewoods 3
children carrying firewoods and bags
women carrying firewoods 2
women helping each other with firewoods
man carrying firewoods
woman carrying baby
man carrying firewoods 2
woman carrying firewoods through water
shed 2
men carrying firewoods through water
woman standing with firewoods
women and children sitting with firewoods
children eating
woman carrying firewoods through water 2
woman staring
boy crying
women chatting while carrying bowl
women carrying firewoods
Girl feeding hens
women eating paan
man looking at foot
woman with firewoods
Men carrying firewoods
men carrying firewoods 2
men chatting
old man carrying firewoods

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